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And you will be a man…..


…..my son. Funny thing is, he had no daddy since the tender age of 10. A tragic accident took his dad away. The entire family struggled with this one. I have spoken of this before. A sapling into a strong tree, a baby into a graduate of high school, an innocent soul into a searching teen. He proclaimed that knowledge was not the key to success, he bragged that book learning was unnecessary, he lived life on the cusp of adventure, he’s had his share of trouble, but never taking responsibility for it. He is sharp, buff, handsome, and very dear to my soul. He is my first born grandchild. And now he is a man, stronger than we know. After all he WAS his father’s son, and will always be under the wings of a family who loves him. good luck grandson number 1. We will always be here for you!!!

  1. 08/27/2013 at 12:24 pm

    Wow. Beautiful. He is certainly lucky to have you.

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