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There Was A Time…..


…..when mother hugs were real, and sharing a beer was a happy ordeal. We talked, held hands, her’s aged yet soft, as a mommy’s hand should be. Memories were dear, laughter sounded freely, my love for her was as real as could be. She taught me manners, kind words for others, sweet honesty, and independent ways. She let me play, but chores were-the important thing of the day. She gave me lessons of tradition, talked about her stubborn German mom. Baking Fatigman cookies at Christmas was a traditional thing. She preferred hard work over soft play, but knew how to have fun. She sang to my children and and let the piano keys ring. Toward her 90th year her ears didn’t work, her eyes were bad, her hips kept her immobile, but she was rarely sad. I loved to make her cards and gifts, i relished this preparation time, to show her in a tiny way the great influence she had on me. i told her so, not quite enough, how much I loved her soul, the kindly teacher, mother, friend she always was to me. At this time of year of honoring moms I grow a bit weary and sad. High esteem is where I hold my mom, but if I could only hold her hand.

  1. Suzy Davis
    05/09/2013 at 2:17 pm

    What an amazing women she was. So strong, yet so kind. I will cherish the memories forever that I shared with my Grandma Clara.

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