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Steely Hearted Woman…..NOT!


Last night i shared fried rice with two of my grandkids. I was settling in to watch public TV, Call the Midwife and Mr. Sufridge (spelling on those?) sent the kiddles out to close the chickens and check on Nellie the goat, the only female that had not delivered her babies. Twelve year old comes rushing in crying, “Nellie had her baby and she is not taking care of it!!” so the story begins. It was dark, Nellie was not taking care of her baby, and the poor little thing was cold. Goat rub down came next, texted kids’ mom and got instructions to move Nellie and baby into the chute. My heart is not steely, i was clueless, and mushy at that point. I know nothing about goats and their care. So I was just as traumatized as the twelve year old, but not in tears. Goats were moved, baby was weak, and it was late. Sent one crying grandchild in and the other to bed. Then we heard little goat whimpers and found the firstborn standing and hiding in the corner. Nellie had had twins!! So my grandkids moved the firstborn in with Nellie and her sibling. Grandaughter held Nellie while I tried to get baby 1 to nurse. In the end on a dark night in a goat pen, we all decided to call it a night with fears that Nellie might trample her babies, not take care of them, or both. My daughter came home from work at one a.m. and stayed up with the babies through the night, one under a sun lamp and the other, stronger babe out with his mom. After a somewhat worrisome sleepless night i found both babies alive this a.m., my daughter in control, thank God, but babies still not nursing well. Be still my not so steely heart. How in heaven’s name did I raise such strong and independent daughters? That analysis will not continue. The goats are being moved to a stall in the barn. Nellie is not a new mom, and the question remains, ‘why doesn’t Nellie care about these twin babies of her?’ My heart is just as mushy as ever, I am indecisive as ever, and I am uncertain as ever. But it’s time to get to work!!!! That’ll do!

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