Going Organic


Back in the 70’s when i was pretty young, i was introduced to Organic Gardening Magazine. I actually still have all those old issues from that time. The principles then were the same as the principles now. I learned and believed that growing veggies and fruit without harmful pesticides was the ‘way to go’! I love gardening and all the principles of organic gardening. To me it is very simple, let nature take its course. If i needed to combat a pest on my veggies i tried all natural products. And today i try and buy fruits and veggies that have not been sprayed with pesticides, especially those that do not have a skin on them, that can be peeled away.

The organic movement is very far reaching today. I am NOT a ‘greeny’, or an extremist, but there are certain things i am very passionate about, organically speaking. GMO’s do have their place in growing, but i would like to see reports on research done on those crops. The government does not agree with this. So this year the govt. approved the first perennially grown product, alfalfa. I am not on a bandstand here, just my little stool saying this is one of the things i am against.

European nations, and other countries too, are against importing from the U.S GMO grown products. All of this ‘organic stuff’ can be looked up on the internet if anyone is passionate about learning more. Just saying i try very hard to grow organic, i try to buy organic, and i try to pay attention to any news regarding organic. That idea has been passed down to my children too.

Now i will step down and go work on a purple mobile i am making for a customer, go to my grandson’s soccer game later on, and pay attention to the natural order of things today, and every day.

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