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A cup of morning inspiration


Here at Honey Acres in this tiny camper, sitting at the morning table drinking my coffee, surrounded by flower petals i have folded for a wedding bouquet, i smell the sweet morning air, like the smell of honey, i look out the window at Blue Canyon, which rests far below our land, and I find a peace that I feel no where else. This is God in me, something i had buried deep inside me for quite awhile after a family tragedy seven years ago. Finally God is being allowed to be my friend again. I take His hand here in the mountain retreat, and creativity comes easily, inspiration is at my fingertips, and life lies around me like a soft cloud, not a thunderstorm rattling my nerves. I normally love thunderstorms, don’t get me wrong, but some lead to tornados inside. So today I jingle the happy bells, and will do so for a few more days, on my retreat in the lovely forest I call Honey Acres.

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