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“Determine that the thing can and shall be done, …..”

Graceline Paper Studio on Etsy

…..and then … find the way.” Abraham Lincoln

An order for a round bridal bouquet, created out of more than 20 vintage music sheets for flowers, all hand-folded, origami style, with bling added, tulle ribbon, (specifically ivory), satin ribbon, (specifically ivory), measuring 8-10 inches round, and a few soft green (match the color) flowers included. This was a fun project, after beginning it, and I found I love to help out brides with their customized items. Although this took lots and lots and lots of time to create, undo, create some more, I like the way it turned out. Now it is ready to mail. The big question is, “Will the bride love it as much as I do?”

My Etsy shop is demanding a lot of me lately. It teased me with quite a few February orders, thinking, “Wow, this is it! Sales will come on a regular basis. I have hit the ‘big time!’ But, but, but ….. not just yet. Slow now. What’s up, Etsy? What’s up? Is my niche too narrow? Are my items just not unique enough? Or, and this is the BIG or, maybe folks are not getting to my shop to take a peek? This ‘relevancy’ thing, this SEO thing, this “Google search” thing. This ‘social network’ thing. It all takes soooo much time and work. Lordy, lordy, take me off the couch and into my garden. Folding paper is getting too wonderful.

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