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Cinnamon Thumbs

Are you kidding? I have not visited this blog to post here since? Oh my! Back to my Minnesota home in January for a delightful visit with family and some friends of mine. Saw plays, ate, hugged my nephew more than twice, ate some more, (sorry Nutrisystems, I just scratched you off my list for awhile), talked baby talk to my niece’s four month old son, congratulated my dear nephew at his wedding and more than admired his dear bride. Cried a few tears of nostalgia, came home longing for the breezes and cool air of Minnesota. But great to get back into my own comfy bed, smell the narcissus blooming in my Northern California garden, see the decorative Pear Tree budding early, and check out those swallow houses that await the bluebirds and tree swallows return. Yes, love struck to travel, but glad to be back home.

Find below a special recipe once again from my Covenant Church Women of the Braham District Northwest Conference of 1962 cookbook. Some may remember my prior post for Apple Crisp. Refreshing your memories (if anyone reads this after all these absent months), this was a cookbook given to me by my Grama Sundborg, my staunch and strong Swedish grama who literally ruled the roost. Visiting as a little girl with my sisters, grama always had two fruit pies on the wood stove warming, made mashed potatoes (lumpy style) and gravy with two kinds of meat, fruit jello with whipped cream, and fresh aspargus from the garden in the spring. She loved that her grandchildren adored meat. She was an old-man’s darling, marrying her ‘older’ Swedish husband and then running the farm on which they lived for many years. She wrung the neck of an owl that was attacking her dear chickens. I have the proof by way of a photo. Just imagine, those of you who are my tender age, a stout woman in her hightop apron, her housedress covering her knees, and her high black shoes visible, holding an owl upside by the legs. Anyway, she gave me my favorite cookbook for my graduation from high school. I used it all my married years, which are many, until it became so ragged and fragile that its pages left the binding. Oh yes, she gave me a dollar every birthday, a pretty hankie, and hand knit mittens for Christmas.

Presenting to you dear friends Cinnamon Thumbs (delicious!)

1 cup butter, 5 T. sugar, 2 cups flour, 1 tsp. vanilla — for the topping 1/2 cup sugar and 1/4 tsp. cinnamon

Cut the 5 T. sugar and flour into butter with pastry blender until crumbly. Mix in vanilla and push dough together with hands.Roll in oblong shapes about 1-1/2 inches long. place on cookie sheet and press down slightly. Bake in moderate 325 degree over for 15-20 minutes. Mix cinnamon and remaining sugar together and when cookies are still a bit warm roll them in this mixture. Do not grease cooky sheet. These are tender and delicious.

A Foggy Morning in the Northern California Valley

A Minnesota Flicker At my Sister's Feeder


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