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Winter Came Down To Our Home One Night

“Winter came down to our home one night quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow. And we were children once again.” Bill Morgan, Jr.

I am reminded of my childhood -Jack frost on the windows on a bitter cold winter night, burning leaves on the side of the road, mom and dad shoveling snow (by hand) before dad went to work, cozy chimney fires, the weather ball, seen from my bedroom winter, blinking snow white. More snow on the way!!!! Ice skating, BIG boots and snow pants, mittens gramma knitted for me, when wet, smelling of wool. PLAY, play play! What a fantastic childhood I had in Minnesota.

Fast forward, California, me, retired, 12 grandkids now. The mountains beckon me when I need snow, now(?) winter means spring daffodils showing their green leaves already, the garden waiting for the lettuce seeds, raking in November, some leaves red, but most golden yellow now. Crispy nights with the pellet stove glowing, but temps still in the 60’s. Roses are storing energy for the big spring display, almonds are beginning to set their buds, and I can garden, garden, garden all year long.

My life? A golden glow of many happy memories, much, much to be thankful for. Turkey time, Christmas is coming, and my mind is soaring with craft ideas. Finally, finally a sale on my Etsy shop. I craft all day; absolutely love working with paper. Some day I will be discovered. My art through paper will be appreciated and EVERYONE will want what I make. I may be wealthy, I may be buying a home of my own, I may get off this limited income, I may pay up all my bills. But until then, I am a happy gramma doing what I love and relishing the coming winter, spending time with my grandkids, looking forward to the Boston visit in the sprng to see my four special grandkids there, and looking forward to Thanksgiving in Monterey, where another four dear ones live.

Who has a story like mine? Who has memories of growing up in the 50’s? Who has precious memories of their childhood? Who of you are celebrating Thanksgiving with heaps of things to be thankful for? Oh my, how I hope it is many of You!!!!!

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