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Saturday Grumpiest

Today I woke up discouraged. I create my crafts pretty much throughout most days, post new items on Etsy, network, work on Google, key words, etc. etc. etc., and the last few months, very few sales. This makes me want to literally ‘throw in the towel’. I have ‘borrowed’ money for this venture and it looks like recouping is out of the question. ….. When my attitude lags like this I reach for some positive thoughts through my books. Once again I grabbed Simple Pleasures by Robert Taylor, Susannah Seton, and David Greer. This is what I found in those pages: by Kabir, “I said to the Wanting Creature inside of me, ‘What is this river you want to cross? Do you believe that there is some other place that will make the soul less thirsty? In that great absence you will find nothing. What we seek is here already … just throw away all thoughts of imaginary things not yet come and stand firm in that which you are.'”

I WILL PREVAIL. Not so grumpy!!!!

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