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The Treasure Chest

The Treasure Chest, copyright 1965 by Charles L Wallis and edited by the same, a book of 1064 familiar and inspirational quotes. It has been at my side and given as a gift for more than 40 years now. When I ponder, I always find something good in there for continued pondering. For instance, “So long as enthusiasm lasts, so long is youth still with us.” by David Starr Jordan. Or, “Hitch your wagon to a star.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson ………… Therefore, as I wake this morning reading emails, thinking about my Etsy shop AND relevance, and changes, and low sales, plus Facebook, and Twitter updates, and Christmas gifts and cards, and the exciting MN visit coming soon ……. I have decided to stay enthused and hook my wagon to a star AND, maybe most important? Will try today in some small way and keep that ‘butterfly effect’ moving forward by knowing that EVERY single action matters in some way. Have a glorious weekend ahead you all!!!!

One Is Silver, The Other Is Gold

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