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Pay It Forward

My Blog Item for 'Paying It Forward'

Here’s the deal. “Pay It Forward” is a great idea. You might remember the movie that showed the entire concept of paying it forward; quite a tearful movie to say the least. Etsy has this new movement going right now. If you search on Etsy for PIF, or pay it forward in the category of ‘handmade’, you will get lots of items that are very reasonably priced. The only condition associated with buying a PIF item is that YOU pay it forward in some way, maybe with some random acts of kindness, a dessert for your neighbor, holding the door for someone, etc., all done in a way that might cause just a little bit of strain on you, but given straight from the heart.

The item you see in the photo above is MY ‘pay it forward’ item. It is available to my blog readers for free. I know, I know, there are very few of you, but I am looking to get more people involved in this, so please, please, if you are reading this blog my friends, pass this on to someone you might know to read. I would like to see many people involved in this movement.

The deal is here that I would like to get comments from readers, as many readers as possible, how they would pay it forward in their lives. Truthfully tell me how you would pay it forward if you were given this pretty, large flower of mine. I am going to send out at least four of these 5 inch flowers to readers absolutely free. They may be created out of book pages, music pages, or just colored paper. Each will have stamens in the middle, and each will include a 10 inch long stem and be decorated with a bow.

So spread the word, this blog is giving away four – 5 inch kusudama flowers as pictured above to readers that comment on ways they will promise to pay it forward to others, four others to be exact, if they are randomly chosen to receive this flower. After I receive at least 10 comments, or in two weeks, I will choose the recipients randomly.

Thanks everyone for helping me out. I would LOVE to pay it forward to my blog readers.

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