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Dullsville Sometimes

“Don’t fear the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can do it.” by Belva Davis

At night, when I am supposed to be sleeping, my ideas abound, and I really should write them down, just like my dad did. And I certainly relish the times I do not have Etsy orders to fill, because those are the times designated for C R E A T I N G.  But at those times my mind is playing the ‘dullsville tune”. Why can’t I think of some very original ideas, like so many other crafters who have blogs. How do they come up with such great ideas? I seem to find, time after time, that once I begin a project I inch along in my creation of it, one thing leading to another, until finally I am done. I am usually pretty satisfied with what I create, but I still look for that GRAND idea, one that will get thousands of views on Etsy, and many, many ‘hearts’ or ‘likes’. I guess life is a learning game, filled with baby steps forward. One learned thing leads to another, and we all inch forward, like that little inch worm does. For me it is very slow sometimes. Inch along, inch along, inch along……. blah, blah, blah. Could be a personality thing. I am NOT the most positive person in the bunch. Could be my age, THAT definitely is inching up there. I gotta keep working at getting the lil ole ‘spark’ in my life. Some days, oh, some days, it lies deeply buried. Dullsville Sometimes!!! Anyone else been there, done that?

Regardless, follows is my latest creation, heading to Australia in a few days.

A 'keeper' of a bouquet

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