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Opening A Door That Separates Two Worlds

Choosing Alone


“September, the harvest month … Summer is over and autumn has arrived.”  Cynthia Wickham

Yes, I chose alone, once again visiting the Sierra Foothills secluded 20 for a three day visit. I created three mobiles, made some soft and deep purple flowers for my grandaughters’ bouquets for the wedding of my dear oldest daughter. She lost her prince 7 years ago, but has found another love to give her a hand with her four children, make her smile, give her the ‘put on nail polish and do my hair and makeup’ feeling once again. 

I love being alone on the secluded 20. I love crafting, napping, reading, listening to the trains in the valley, smelling the rich smells of the forest, just hanging out, doing what I please. Snacks are good, diet soda, nothing at all. The prickly and ripe Gooseberries were taking over my quiet spot. The blackberries beckoned a bite, even though their six foot vines are grabbing a hold of my camping place. I dare not complain. I absolutely love it up there at 5,000 feet elevation. Ah glorious ‘alone’. I will be back soon.

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