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The Meaning of My Journey

“Illusions surround me, so I listen to the sounds of my heart, and trust the path is below my feet. I believe in the meaning of my journey.”

by Erica Ross-Krieger

Etsy dominates the meaning of MY journey lately. They are making changes with key words, relevancy, etc. etc. etc. Thus, I have made changes to my key words, titles, etc. etc. I am beginning a self-learned Etsy guide and sharing it with anyone who needs a few hints for ‘selling on Etsy’. Today I will begin, but not after I share some photos of my visit to my ‘hiding place’. The Sierra Mountain retreat is what I call ‘my hiding place’. It is 20 acres deep in the forest of the Sierra Foothills, at about 5,000 feet elevation. There is a rugged driveway in, a plateau that is saved for the ‘big’ house, where dwells a seasonal camper. This is where I hide when life overwhelms me. No hidden agendas here, this is where I spend my time in the sun, fold paper if I want to fold, dream if I want to dream, and plan, plan, plan. My dreams are here. I thought my dreams had disappeared, and then quietly they came back to me at my ‘hiding place’. Pictures shared and a few hints occasionally of what has worked for me on Etsy.

1. Photos of what you have made should be taken in natural light. Use five beautiful, fantastic, clear, and did I say ‘beautiful’ photos. Make at least one of these a dramatic closeup. Remember, unique is always better on Etsy.

2. Title your work with keywords that WORK! This is something new on Etsy. If you are selling a blue bracelet made of stone, then title it something like Turquoise Blue Bracelet Created with Stone Jewels.   In Google searches people will be looking for a Turquoise Blue Bracelet and that may very well be their search terms.  (please read all you can in the Etsy help section about how to title your work).

3. Last for today, but hardly least: Set up your shop with a beautiful banner at the top, arrange your shop in a beautiful, actually spectacular way, and then be prepared to WAIT. Please be patient, this is hard work folks, not the ‘easy’ stuff. You must read all you can, learn all you can, do all you can, to be successful on Etsy. That first sale WILL come eventually, but YOU must visit other shops, like other’s work, learn to create treasuries, did I say visit and like other people’s shops? And READ, READ, READ all you can to learn and grow.  That’s it! That’s simply it!

More hints to come.  May the week ahead bring you many miracles.

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