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Ocean Blue For YOU

“Can ye fathom the ocean, dark and deep, where the mighty waves and the grandeur sweep?”

Fanny Crosby

On a recent visit to Monterey, California the ocean was wild and wonderful. I took lots of photos and compiled some into a Kusudama mobile that I just listed on my Etsy shop page at http://etsy.com/gracelinepaperstudio

The visit to Monterey was spectacular because it was a family reunion of sorts, where ALL 12 grandkids were around me night and day. This was a first meeting for family and the twin girls from Boston. These chubby little babies were in the NICU last October for two months. The entire family celebrated together, new cousins meeting cousins for the first time, and many arms holding dear babies. What a miracle.

Are you celebrating your own miracles this summer? Any family reunions to talk about? We all perceive miracles in our lives in a different way, sometimes as simple acts of kindness, sometimes as huge swells of wellness, and sometimes as just waking up, or going to bed with the fresh outside breezes blowing in our face. I take for granted many, many, many miracles in my life, complain often, crab at my dear ones frequently. Every once in awhile I pause to smell the roses and notice just how many miracles surround me. A family reunion is a great event to bring all the miracles together, for awhile, in a central and loving place.

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