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The Ordinary Arts We Practice Every Day

“The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.”

Thomas Moore

As my windows fill up with the mobiles I have made, and almost every corner of this small house has a box or bag of paper flowers that I have made, I sometimes begin to wonder if these ‘ordinary’ things I spend a lot of time on are actually worth the effort. Today I will lovingly work on an order of 30 vellum kusudama flowers for a classroom, and three bouquets for teachers…….. As I work I will remember,  I must remember, that everyone on Etsy is NOT in it for the $$$$$$$, but in it simply for the ‘handmade’ notion. Very few Etsians make it to the ‘front page’, that coveted place on Etsy that so many artisans reach for. Competition is fierce, fierce, fierce, on Etsy. For example, just the other day I notice a brand spankin new shop that opened in March, featuring, none other than, Kusudama flowers. So, more competition for ME………. I guess that’s why I am speaking up today on my little blog, in this little corner of MY world. To all those folks who value ‘handmade’, those not-so-ordinary arts that YOU practice every day are more important to YOUR soul than the simplicity might suggest. Keep up the grand handmade all you artisans out there. Your spot in the world is HUGE.

Ordinary Arts

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