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Dance of the Butterflies

“At home with nature, and one with God.” by Florence Earle Coates

Here come the butterflies! Yesterday I saw two within minutes of each other, checking out the flowers blooming in the spring garden. I thought it rather early for the ‘dance of the butterflies’, although I love seeing the Swallowtails any time, especially in my garden.

The bird feeders are filled, and the hummingbird feeder also, so it is a busy, albeit small, yard this time of year. I love to spend some time outside just sitting and listening. I am mesmerized by the song of the Mocking Bird. Doesn’t he think he’s cool copying all the sounds of other birds?You can tell when the Scrub Jay is approaching because then every, and I mean every bird scatters away to make room for the ‘king’.  The twitters of the various kinds of finches fills my ears with a wonderful kind of background noise. And you can always tell when the Annas Hummingbird is around by his/her tiny twitters and clicks. I have deemed my yard  a backyard wildlife habitat by providing food, water, and nesting places for wildlife.

So, my butterfly mobile is finished and I have dragged it out of its hiding place (in my computer files) to show off. It is on my Etsy site at gracelinepaperstudio.etsy.com.  I have received one heart, but not a lot of views yet. But, no matter, I love it, because I LOVE butterflies! Happy weekend from northern California, in the valley.

  1. 04/29/2011 at 10:45 am

    I love it! If I had children I would buy this. I bought the other mobile for my friend’s one year old daughter’s birthday next week. If this was on the site when I ordered it would have been a toss up between the two! Beautiful!

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