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“Children” Are Bits of Stardust

Fun Easter spent at my daughter’s cabin in Incline Village. Easter eggs were done at night on Holy Saturday. The Easter bunny brought nummmmmmmy candy, which I devoured after a 40 day fast.  Delicious time with family, especially the grandkids.!!!!


I wanted to do a theme-based craft for babies and once again my random brain took over. I used my Big Shot die cutter machine to cut out hearts after I used Picasa software from Google to print a name and date on cardstock. Then I went to work with a wooden plant stake, a clothespin with magnet, a ribbon, and some Kusudama flowers to create a three-pack item.

A new and very random item added to my Etsy page. Oh MY!!!

Enough news from the West.

Kusudama Once AgainThree Items Included in Baby Package

Aren't They Pretty?

  1. 04/28/2011 at 11:47 am

    You are so creative. I am amazed and impressed with every new item you create. Glad you had sucj a wonderful Easter with your family.

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