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Friday (Finally?)

“To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee

One clover, and a bee, and revery. The revery alone

will do, if the bees are few.” by Emily Dickinson

It’s a treasure of a Friday. My dear grandaughter is over doing math on my ipad. I finished my grandson’s birthday book and his present has been wrapped. Only two more cards to make and two more gifts to wrap. That’s doable. ……. The quote above is a favorite of mine and a sneaky intro to the newest items I have up on my Etsy shop. The quote is featured on a bookmark that I created using a bookmark punch on my Big Shot die cut machine. I took some photos of some beautiful yellow flowers in my garden, printed them off on heavy stock, then included the Emily Dickinson poem on a portion of the paper using Picasa, a free Google program that can be used for enhancing and creating with photos. I also punched out a little bee with a die I have, out of the same paper. I now offer a ‘Book Lover’s” package with six kusudama flowers, five of which are created from the pages of an old book, plus one bookmark decorated with a little bee, and one kusudama flower created from the photos I took in the garden. All shown below. How do you like them?

On this pretty Friday I am sending good wishes for a happy weekend. Holy Week is engrained in my blood as I used to be a very serious Episcopalian. Each day of Holy week has special significance in the Christian church and each day of the week presents a drama unto itself. I am not an avid church goer anymore, but Holy Week will always, always give me pause to dig deep for the God in me.

  1. 04/15/2011 at 10:26 am

    I love it! When I get back from my trip I am going to order some more things. The flowers were a huge hit at work so I definitely need to get more for the people who didn’t receive one from the last batch. Plus, I need some for my home. I love the book ones and the map ones, too.

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