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Introspective Thursday

“Life itself is the proper binge.”  by Julia Child

Today is a ‘scatter’ day, filled with little things to do. I have completed my Kusudama order for 15 large kusudama flowers, with floral wire stems, pointed petals, made from book pages. Did I share that I had a hard time cutting up a book? I used a Reader’s Digest Condensed book for this project. There are many of these books around, many published, so it was not so difficult to use these golden topped pages.

Today is also a day where I have to think hard about creating two special birthday books/cards for my grandsons. I have not bought a card of any kind for so many years, so it is my habit of making little books/cards for all the grandkids and my other loved ones. I am kind of running out of ideas for verses on these. So today is a ‘think-hard’ sort of day. In April alone there are four family birthdays. It seems almost all of the grand babies were born in the spring. Busy time, today is.

As I ponder the family I think hard today on my emotional visit to Boston where one fine day last October I was called to help my daughter in any emergency delivery of her identical twin daughters. These little pumpkins were much anticipated. When my daughter finally conceived she was told she was carry identical twins. What eventually developed was TTTS, or Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. This is a potentially fatal disease for the identical twins who share the same placenta. Things had been touch and go for the girls for months and my daughter had finally made it past her 30th week, a critical time for the development of babies. I got the call on October 22, 2010. It was an emergency and it required my attendance in Boston to help care for her two sons while she had her c-section and then recovery. I made it to Boston within twelve hours of the call, but was too late for the delivery. But I was just in time to get the news that the girls were fine and so was my dear daughter. I ended up helping in Boston for three months. The girls came home on Christmas Eve. It was very intense for awhile,as all of you who have any experience with 3 lb. preemies know, but I saw the fruition in a miracle, a Christmas miracle.

So now dear readers I have shared my secret miracle with all of you. I am having an emotional kind of day, which is not uncommon for me. Ooooooh, am I manic? I think my highs and lows are STILL within the ‘normal’ range. I am among the blessed, but aren’t we all?

Happy Me - Holding one of the miracles for the first time! (A Miracle DID Happen Here)

  1. 04/14/2011 at 11:02 am

    Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful story. What a great blessing for you and your family- the birth of those little girls.

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