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Saturday Morning Coming Down (2)

All five orders have been sent. Now, as is custom, a wait, a span, at least a two week quiet time between orders, will allow me to work on one large wedding order that will be sent to Canada. 225 Kusudama flowers, 68 completed and sent already, the next group almost done. ************My idea time is usually when in bed, all ideas for paper crafts accumulate into one big ‘glob’ in my brain. I have another Japanese paper folding technique I am trying now, I received some beautiful ordered paper yesterday (all white and pretty), I have some music paper cut and partially folded for more music flowers, and I am bursting at the seams to see if my radish seeds have sprouted. Do you get the idea that I am kind of a ‘random’ gal; artistic folks are often that way. Left brain, right brain, emotional, kooky at times, and sensitive to everything. Regardless of it all, I send wishes of ‘happy times’ to everyone, even though I have but a few folks who will be reading this new bog. GO fun weekend!

A Little Bit of Music Can Soothe the Soul


  1. 04/11/2011 at 5:41 am

    I cannot wait until my order arrives. I am so excited!

    Also, I have been receiving great feedback from friends about your site. I can’t wait until Friday! Hopefully you will have many more orders to come!

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